Mike Collins, producer of Care for the Caregiver©, winner of the National Caregiver Friendly Award from Today's Caregiver
Magazine, says…
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Mike Collins is the producer of the video Care for the Caregiver©, winner of the national Caregiver Friendly Award from Today’s Caregiver Magazine.

He is a caregiver for his 84 year-old mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Mike presents 2 seminars for family and professional caregivers:

The Perfect Day for Caregivers

Caring for Family Caregivers

In caregiver education, Mike created the concept of The 5 H’s (Health, Head, Heart, Home and Hands <workplace>), the life areas affected by caregiver stress.

Visit his caregiver blog; Caregiving Can Make You Crazy!

As president of The Perfect Workday Company, Mike is also one of the most frequently-featured business seminar presenters in the United States. He presents 100-120 seminars a year and over 2,500 presentations during his career.

His programs, The Perfect Workday©, I Didn’t Sign On For This!© and Dealing With Constant Change In the Workplace© are consistently rated “Excellent.”

Mike’s clients have ranged from IBM and American Express to Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals and The John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School and Center.

What they say about Mike Collins' presentations

"Well, well, well—what can I say??? You rock!"

Seminar Attendee


"Your presence and programming truly helped to make this year’s program one of our most successful."

Seminar Coordinator

"The initial feedback among attendees was that they walked away with some truly useful information they could share with their staff and implement immediately."

Seminar Coordinator


"The excitement level was contagious and the requests for your return staggering. "

Seminar Coordinator


“You greatly exceeded expectations. One of our employees said, "I could have listen to him for another hour." Imagine, a person at the beach wanting a meeting to last longer....Now, that comment is high praise. As you know, for me, A Perfect Day is enjoying the beach on pay day. A relatively young adjuster ...attending his second conference...commented that he didn't know if it were possible for a future conference to have a better program. I was told that your ten ideas for Grabbing a Great Life was the focus of (after conference) conversation. I cannot recall a previous speaker whose comments dominated the conversations in the hospitality room. As I commented during one of our discussions, for me, the genius of your ideas is their application to work, to personal relationships, and to leisure activities; sound principles are sound principles. People enjoy listening to you; you connect with the audience; this connection with the audience is anotherreason they remember your ideas and suggestions.”

Charles S. Allen, Jr.
Litigation & Workers' Compensation Mgr.
Farm Bureau Insurance


"Mike conducts workshops in time management and team development for the students of the Executive Master's Program in health care administration. We have over 20 workshops presenters and Mike consistently gets the highest evaluations from our students. Mike's knowledge of his subject, his humor, his genuine desire to improve our students, and his commitment to continued learning has made his workshops an overwhelming success. I greatly enjoy working with Mike and recommend him highly."

Jim Porto
The nationally-ranked Executive Masters Program at the Gillings School of Global Public Health,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Let's be honest, being a family or professional caregiver is a wonderfully supportive, loving and caring activity, but it can also be emotionally-draining, physically stressful and mentally overwhelming. I know, I'm a caregiver. If you've ever felt that caregiving was taking over your life, read on….

Dear Caregiver:
You are not alone!

That is the first fact about taking care of yourself that you must understand. You are not alone. You have approximately 50 million other brothers and sisters in caregiving situations.

I'm one of them! I was a caregiver for my father and am currently helping to care for my 84 year-old mother who has Alzheimer's.

Also, in the late '90s I completed a masters degree with a focus on family caregiver wellness at Duke University.

One of the wonderful things to come out of my masters experience was the creation of the video, Care for the Caregiver©.

I was delighted when the video won the national Caregiver Friendly Award from Today's Caregiver Magazine©.

What I've discovered is that caregiving can be wonderfully gratifying but it can also be a slog through the mud depending on the person for whom you are caring, their condition, your family, your community, your finances and the healthcare and government officials you come in contact with.

If you let it, caregiving can negatively affect your mental and physical health. Caregivers report higher rates of depression and physical illness. University of Pittsburgh researchers report that 6% of family caregivers will die due to the stresses of caregiving.

The emotional stress of caregiving can be overwhelming, especially in relationships that were challenging to begin with. The constant demand for care often changes how we feel, not only about the person for whom we are caring, but about family, friends and ourselves.

To put it simply, caregiving affects what goes on in our heads. Our memory, ability to focus and how we think are all affected by caregiver stress.

Our home life can be dramatically and negatively affected by our caregiving responsibilities. They affect our relationships with spouses, partners, children and friends.

The time and effort we invest in our workplaces, in our careers, are impacted by caregiving. If you don't work for an organization with a positive caregiving policy or if your boss/job is less-than-flexible caregiving can easily affect your ability to earn a living.

Winner of the National Caregiver Friendly Award, the video, Care for the Caregiver©, offers 100+ ideas, tips, strategies and motivators to help you meet the challenges of caregiving.

Care for the Caregiver© is only$19.95!
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Care for the Caregiver© can help you understand:

Why it's ok to not like caregiving

How to maintain your health during your caregiving experience

How to find some of the best resources for caregiving information

How to get other family members to help with caregiving when they resist

How to keep from forgetting things

Why you can't find the "perfect" answer to all your caregiving questions

Why it's important to come up with a caregiving/work/life strategy

How to talk to your boss about your caregiving responsibilities

What are some of the signs of burnout to watch for

How to handle the "sandwich" feeling of being stuck between caregiving and family

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How to prevent a "Hardening of the Attitudes"

How spirituality may help you move positively through your caregiving experience

How caregiving can change your personality

Why it's important to connect with coworkers who are caregivers

How to overcome sad and anxious feelings

How to take time for your family

Why you should create a corner in your home for yourself, especially if the care recipient lives with you

Why you should find a therapist who can help you understand caregiver stress

How to ask more and better questions that provide clear communications

How finding away to occasionally step away from caregiving can save your sanity…and maybe your life

And much, much more……

Order Care for the Caregiver by Mike Collins now!

Every day thousands of adults begin a caregiver's journey. They woke up this morning with a life that was going just great…and then they got the call.

Maybe you're one of those caregivers. Life was your own until that call and now…

Caregiving can be one of the most wonderful ways to show your love for a parent, spouse, friend or other family member. It can also be the most difficult experiences of your life.

Care for the Caregiver© can help you move through the experience and maintain your physical and mental health.

Care for the Caregiver© can help you keep your workplace relationships on an positive, productive level.

Care for the Caregiver© can show you ways to maintain positive and supportive relationships with your spouse, partner, immediate family and friends.

You owe it to yourself to see and try Care for the Caregiver!

Mike Collins
Care for the Caregiver©

PS….From one caregiver to another I want you to try the tips, tactics and strategies in the award-winning video, Care for the Caregiver© .

In fact, I'll give you a 100% iron-clad guarantee! If you don't believe Care for the Caregiver© has provided you with ways to help you move through your caregiving experience…

…if you are unhappy with it for any reason…

…or no reason at all…

…just let me know within 90 days.

I'll give you a prompt and full refund.

That way you risk nothing!

I look forward to you trying Care for the Caregiver©!

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